Folake Bridget Idowu - Clinical Pharmacist

Folake Bridget Idowu United Kingdom

A longtime entrepreneur and pharmacist, Folake Bridget Idowu oversees Grand Healthcare UK, Ltd., as a managing director and formerly guided Good Medicine, an online pharmacy, as well as United Pharmacy. Also engaging as a clinical pharmacist within the NHS, Folake Bridget Idowu maintains a full range of administrative responsibilities that include fiscal and budget planning backed up with a certificate in Business Administration from University of Durham.

Emphasizing interpersonal skills and team building, Mrs. Idowu directs the recruitment and in-depth training of her team of colleagues and support staff. She seeks new business development pathways that include the proactive management of contact data for existing and prospective clients.

Qualified as an independent prescribing pharmacist, Ms. Idowu gained earlier experience in the early 2000s as a clinical pharmacist at the William Harvey Hospital in Ashford. Besides providing dispensing services, she's engaged with a range of health care professionals through case-specific guidance. In addition to her clinical leadership activities, she is an active reader with a lifelong love of singing and gospel music.